Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bead Jewellery- Earring

Beads had fascinated me right from my childhood. I used to collect various shapes,sizes and colours of beads and try to make something by threading them using cotton thread and needle,but never got to do anything , simply because I did not know

how to make them , ha!ha!. but the fascination about beads never ceased. Now after all these years , I got an oppornunity to learn about beaded jewellery from a craft workshop. it was quite interesting. Now I do many of the beaded jewellery that I use myself. It is also a good gift u can give to ur loved ones. It brings out the creativity in u. Once u know the basic steps involved in beaded jewellery . U can let loose ur imagination and try out new designs and patterns.

Here I have posted The method of making a bead earring, for a start. Will post more under this label in the future.

Bead Earring:

Drop earrings are the easiest earrings to make. You can make them classy with semiprecious stones and silver wire or funky by adding charms and beads.

Materials required:
2 headpins or eyepins
2 earwires beads of your choice
round-nose pliers
spacer beads few
spacer beads are also useful. These are very small metal-colored beads that serve to frame the other beads. If you don't have headpins, you can just bend the end of regular wire in a loop to make your own eyepins.
1. Head pins have flat heads on the bottom, and are available in different sizes and thicknesses. 2.Put some beads on the head pin. Experiment with different colors and styles.
3.Spacer beads are used to break up the colored beads.
4.Use a pair of round-nose pliers to bend the head-pin 90ยบ.
5.Bend the end of the head pin over to complete the loop. Add a french-wire or other earring finding and you're finished


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