Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Glass printing -Fun for kids

Glass printing - without glass! You can produce some great effects and have a lot of fun with this Art Attack! You will need:
Sticky back plastic
Acrylic paint

First take a piece of card and draw the picture that you want to turn into a print onto it.This is what is turned into what printers call a "plate", that you print with.

Take the sticky back plastic and peel off the backing. Stick the piece of card with the design onto the plastic.

Cut off all the excess plastic around the edges or fold them around the back. You'll be left with something like this. This is the printing plate!

The idea is to print one colour at a time. Do all of one colour before you move onto the next. Take a paintbrush, put loads of paint on it and then get painting! Use thick acrylic paint for this. Try to keep within the lines of the design.

Take a sheet of paper that's the same size as the card. Line it up with the bottom edge of the paper.Press your printing plate (the card with your design and plastic cover) down firmly.

When you lift it off, you'll be left with a print. Leave this to dry and wipe your plate clean with some damp tissue.

Then pick the next colour.Again, paint all the areas of that colour. If you remember to line the plate up with the bottom edge of the paper, you'll always get the print in roughly the right place.

Keep going in this way: painting on a single colour, printing it onto the paper and then wiping the plate clean.Once the paint is dry you can go onto the next colour.

When you've finished you'll get something that looks like this. Even if some of the colours overlap it looks good because it adds to the printing effect. You can add some final touches with pen once it's all dry. Try it yourself!


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