Thursday, May 28, 2009

M-Seal Art on pots and other bases

Here I have given the procedure for making M-seal flowers and decorating the pot or serving trays etc. It is quite simple to do and not messy. It also for sure brings out the artist in u. All u require is lot of imagination.For beginners do not lose hope if u don't get it right the first time ,try again and u will get it. It is not merely advise but from my owm exp.This art is useful for making projects for ur children or keep them occupied during their hols.

Materials required:

Mud or terracotta pot or any wooden base

Acrylic paints(Matte amd mettalic colours)

Paint brushes

Clear varnish


* Wash the pot and dry itin shade(This ensures that the pot will absorb little paint). Give a coating of any dark shade of acrylic colour.

*Mix the m-seal. Use little bit of talcum powder so that it does not stick to ur fingers.

*Take small rounds of the mix and shape it like leaves( for creating the veins of the leaf use small penknife and press it on the leaves )and petals and fix it on the pot. It will stick directly on the surface. If not use little bit of fevicol. In cases of roses etc. U can make the whole flower allow it to dry and then stick it on th the pot.

*For the stem, roll out the m-seal into long strings and arrange. Keep aside for 2-3 hrs for drying. Once dry, give the colors of your choice.

*After allowing the whole thing to dry for 24hrs, Give a coating of clear or picture varnish. This protects the painting as well as give a gloss to your decorated pot. Happy potting


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