Friday, June 12, 2009

Bead Ring Making

Rings do not feature that prominently in beaded jewelry. This is because the face of the ring is quite small, and this limits the size and amount of beads that you are able to include. It can be an interesting touch to make a ring to match a necklace or earrings, so you should try out a few methods.
The beads used to make a ring need to be quite small or flat. It will be uncomfortable to wear the ring if the beads stick out, and this will also cause it to catch on objects and break the ring.
You will need the following materials to make a ring:
25 size 11 seed beads (lighter shade of any colour)
1 small, flat feature bead (darker shade of the above colour)
2 crimps
Nylon bead cord (You'll need less than two inches for the ring, but have a roll of it so you have some length to play with)
Slide the first crimp onto the nylon bead cord, and do not squash.
Thread every purple seed bead onto the nylon bead cord.
Slide on the second crimp onto the nylon bead cord
Thread the feature bead onto the nylon bead cord.
Take the end of the nylon bead cord (on the feature bead side) and thread it through the first crimp on the other end. This crimp should now have two lots of nylon bead cord going through it, causing the line of seed beads to create a ring.
Pull both ends of the nylon bead cord to make the ring tight.
Once the ring is formed, squash both crimps to hold the nylon bead cord in place.
Cut off the excess nylon bead cord as close to the crimp as you can.

This method is an extremely fast way to make a ring to match your jewelry. It is a great way to use up any seed beads or feature beads from the project, adding an extra something special the next time you wear all your jewelry together. Happy beading


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