Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Decoupage and metal embossing - 2 in one

This technique of combining decoupage and metal embossing techniques is quite interesting and we would like to call it a fusion art. We learnt it from one of our friends back home at chennai. almost forgot about it , as it was done many years ago. Now we got a chance to discuss about it and it struck us that, why not share it with you all. We have posted the procedure for it. The photo of our fusion art is not with us right now. Try to post it once I can get a snap .

Materials required:

Aluminium sheet(3mm thickness ,ie used in metal embossing)

Embossing tools

Empty refill pen

Glue(decoupage/white glue)


Skewer stick/ any thick stick

Printed Napkin( any design, you get it at fevicryl hobby stores)/ you can use any posters

sticking tape


  1. Cut any picture /poster/paper napkin design roughly out. Remove all but the top layer(printed layer). Glue this to the Aluminium sheet carefully and let it dry thoroughly.

  2. Now take a empty refill pen and trace along the outside of the design as well as the inside details . The more details you trace , the more dimensional the project will be

  3. Turn the sheet over(reverse side)

  4. Now use the embossing tools according to requirements and fill in the areas(emboss) between the lines you see. This will push these areas the other direction causing the embossing. Do not go over the lines.

  5. Turn your sheet over again and you can see the effect. You can use the empty refill again to draw the detail lines as in step 2 again causing even more depth/dimension. Once you are finished cut around the outside edge of the design.

  6. At the back stick a thick stick /skewer stick using sticking tape and you can place it anywhere to decorate.


Shreemathi,  July 17, 2009 at 10:21 PM  

hi, thanx for giving the method on how to do embossing aswell as decoupage. Till now I had seen these two works done seperately only.

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