Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Healthy and age old Ragi Porridge for your babies

Ragi or Millet is a very good source of Protein, vitamins and minerals which is very essential for the infant. Ragi porridge can be made with salt or sugar according to the baby's taste requiremets . Ragi is a very good source of calcium. so giving ragi porridge or ragi kanji will enhance the bone and teeth development of your young ones.
Sprouted Ragi -2 Table spoons
Ghee -1 Table spoonSugar/ salt
1. For sprouting: Soak Ragi for 6 hours and drain the water. Put it in a muslin cloth and leave it aside for 10 hours or Put the soaked ragi in an air tight box and leave it for 10 hours for sprouting
2. Grind the sprouted ragi into a paste and strain it
.3. To the strained ragi milk add sugar or salt to taste and heat.
4. Stir it continuously till it becomes paste5. Either ghee or milk can be added
Ragi porridge can be given twice a day to infant baby.


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