Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beer Candle


  • Glass container (Beer Mug)
  • Wick
  • Hot glue
  • Gel wax
  • Liquid dye
  • Paraffin wax


You can make foamy beer candles which look exactly like beer. This candles are easy and fun to make.

To make Beer candles, Paraffin wax is also needed along with the other basic materials of Gel Candle making. Stick the wick by a wick base or glue in a Beer mug. Suspend the wick vertically in the container by tying it to a split cane or a toothpick. Melt enough gel wax in a double boiler over a low heat. Add dye until a nice beer color is obtained, Yellow and gold work well. Pour the wax into the beer glass, leaving some space in the top of the glass and keep it for setting.

Melt the paraffin wax and when the wax starts solidifying, beat it with a fork or an egg beater until it froths up into a foam. Now using the fork apply the froth on the top of the gel candle made. Allow some top run over the side for more realism. Make sure the wick is still centered, and allow to cool.

Alternative method to add a foamy head to the candle: add little white crayons to a small amount of melted gel. Stir well and pour over the hardened first layer. Stir with wooden stick or spoon to create bubbles and pour over the hardened layer.

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