Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mosaic Table Top

Have a plain or old table that you would like to add a little color to? Try adding some mosaic to the top of it!

Things You'll Need:

  • Sturdy table
  • Tile grout and sealant
  • Tile adhesive
  • Broken pieces of glass
  • Tiles
  • Marbles
  • Shells
  • Pottery
  • Stones

  1. Choose a style and color scheme. Limiting your design to two or three colors, smooth materials (no stones or broken glass) and simple, repeating lines will create a more formal feel. Planning a picture such as a flower, hearts, or other familiar pattern will set a casual tone. A more random explosion of color and texture will make a table fit for a party!

  2. Select and cut a piece of cardboard to match the size of the top of your table. Lay your pieces on the cardboard, working from the middle and moving towards the edges. The design should feel similar to a puzzle. However, the pieces should not touch; a piece can be as close as 1/4 of an inch to another.

  3. Step back and examine your design. Have a friend or two look at it. If you wish, place the cardboard on your table top and lay your pieces there, so as to better view how your table will look when completed. Look for obviously glaring errors of color or design, or areas that don't seem to flow. Make sure the parts of your design are even. ou don't want a lot of color on only one side of your table!
  4. Lift the cardboard (with the pieces still intact) off the table carefully and lay it to the side. Spread tile adhesive on the table and begin to transfer your design from the cardboard to the table.

  5. Apply grout to the table, smoothing it between the pieces of the mosaic. Make sure you extend the grout to the very edge of the table. White grout is striking, but harder to keep clean. Black grout will give you a more formal look, but some of the mosiac pieces may not show up as well, depending on the color. When finished, wipe the extra grout off with a damp cloth.


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