Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pot Painting

You can give pot painting a matte or a gloss finish. Creativity is the key.

Materials required:

1. Mud pot
2. Trace of any design
3. Acrylic paints
4. Paint brushes- (0,2,4,big flat brush)
5. Varnish


1.Clean the pot with water and allow it to dry in shade.

2. Smoothen the pot with sand paper

3. Paint the whole pot with black or any fabric colour of ur choice and allow it to dry for a few hours.

4. Trace the pattern or any desgin on to the pot using a carbon sheet (use yellow carbon if u have painted the pot with a dark colour or vice-versa.)

5. Using the brushes paint the pot with acrylic paints. if u desire u can use 3-D outliner to decorate the finished painting.

6. Allow the painting to dry for a day and paint the whole pot with the varnish . This gives gloss to the pot painting and also protects the same.


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