Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pot Painting(new style)

Materials Required :

Enamel Paints (Different Colours)



Container (like a plastic tub)

Earthen Pot

Procedure :

1. At first, colour your earthen pot with any enamel paint.

2. Now take a container containing three-fourth quantity of water and spill different colours of enamel paints into


3. The different colour paints float on the water.Now gently hold your painted pot at its edge and dip it into the

water and twist it around, in the water and slowly take it out of the container.

4. Keep the pot aside without disturbing it.The wet paints will slowly take its own design and shade.
Wait till the pot dries.Your pot painting is ready.

This project is useful in keeping kids occupied.

Tips :

The more shades of paints you spill in the water, the more colourful and beautiful the pot will become.

Do not disturb or shake the pot after it is taken out of the water.


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