Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Floating candles

These floating candles are easy to make. They were the ones that we learnt in the beginning. The results were superb and thus intrigued us to pursue to learn further projects in candle making. let us tell you, Candle making is a vast subject and quite interesting too. It helps to bring out the genius in you. so we thought for a staart let us share with you all , as to how to make the basic floating diyas, which will be easy to make even for beginners. so let's get started

Materials required:

Bee wax 1 cup

Moulds(I used a muffin tray)

candle colour( you can use wax crayons or liquid candle dyes)

coconut oil

wick( I primed the wick , i.e; dip the cooton wool wick in the melted wax and allow t to set, then it can be used in the candles)
1Melt the wax in a double boiler over medium heat. Should be very careful while doing this step. Add the reqiured colour. the amount of colour added depends upon the intensity of colur we desire.
2. Prepare the moulds by applying coconut oil on the i nside of the moulds using a brush.
3. pour the melted wax into the moulds, allow it to cool for some time , till a thin film forms on top then insert the primed wick .
4. Allow the candle to set for 5-6 hours. then gently remove the candles from the mould. Now your oown handmade floating diyas are ready to be lit. Happy candle making.
5. The centre of the floating candles can be decorated using some paper glitters.


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