Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stone painting

It is very interesting to do and does not reqiure any expertise. It is also a great way to your young ones during their free time and ensure that they do not get into mischief during their free time. I say this from my own experience. When my 4 year old became little bored and cranky during his summer hols, I hit upon this idea od stone painting which I have done some years back. Then I made him collect some pebbles and stones and taught to do painting on them. He was very thrilled and did some painting. Let me tell you he really enjoyed it and became cheerful. So thought that I will share with you all as to how to do some simple stone paintings on pebbles and decorate your house or engage your kids during their free time usefully.
I have attached one of the stone paintings done by us some years back.
Materials required:
Pebbles or stones(preferably smooth ones, you can get them from aquarims)
Acrylic /poster colours
Thin brushes 0,1,2 (sice the area that we are going to do the painting is small)
pencil( to do some rough pattern of the picture or design we are going to pait, sice we cannot use any tracing or carbon copying)

1. First wash the pebble/stone with liquid soap toremove any dirtand allow it to dry or wipe it throughlly using a kitchen tissue.

2. Then draw the pattern of the design on the stone , one imporatant thing to be noted is that you have to choose design according to the shape of the pebble, for example if you chose a oval pebble then you can choose to paint a fish which will fit the shape of the pebble and so on.

3. Paint the fish and oultline it with acrylic coours. This needs lot of paitence. allow it to dry

4. Apply two coats of clear varnish and allow it to dry.


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