Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pot painting

Here, would like to share with you all how one of our friend who is also into creating arts , combined science and art to create an imaginary solar system on a pot for one of the science projects of her son. Thought it would be useful to many moms who have a tough time doing their kids projects.


Pot(circular One)
Acrylic colours
Plastic balls-(of varying sizes)


  1. soak the circular pot in water for sometime,dry it , clean it with sand paper and give a coat or two with acrylic back colour for the entire pot , with the help of a big flat brush. Dry
  2. Coat a small plastic ball with a thin layer of fevicol and water and add four layers of newspaper on it.
  3. Let it dry for af ew hours. Spread a thin layer of M-seal on it and engrave it with flame like effect
  4. Paint the object with gloden yellow and orange acrylic colours. this will form the sun.
  5. In this way , with a card backing you can create other planets aroung the pot as well


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