Friday, May 29, 2009

Greeting Card Making

Its time to reet people in innivative ways. A fusion of trditional and modern techniques guarntees u card which the recipient will think twice before keeping asidde, once read. Moreover when u gift someone dear with a card made by ur self it will bring immense happiness and satisfaction to both u and the reciever. It is also cost effective.

Materials required:
Card board
Velvet paper (colour of ur choice)
Aluminium Sheet
Fevicol/white glue
Glass colours(solvent based)

First, cut the cardbord-2Pcs of the same size to form both parts of the card
Then cut the velvet paper 3cms. bigger then the 2 cardboard pices to cover them.
Cover the cardboard with the velvet paper using fevicol
Draw any design, here I am explaining about how to decorate the card with tribal motifs, which are easy to do by any body, on the Aluminium sheet with a marker /lead pencil and cut it along the outline using sharp scissors.
Stick the design on the covered cardboard with fevicol. This will be the front piece of the greeting card.
Colour parts of the Al uminium forms using glass colours and glass outliner. Cut an aluminium square piece and stick it inside the card to write the suitable greeting
Make holes in both top and bottom boards and pass colour ful thin lace or embroidary thread thru them and put a Knot to secure the card in place. Greet away. Happy card making. Hope this will give u all some idea about card making and make u indulge in card making.


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