Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mango Paradise

2 packets(400 ml) mango drink
3 tsp gelatine
1/2 cup water
250 grams cream
6 tbsp sugar
1 mang0 - cut into tiny cubes
a few drops of yellow colour

1. Mix gelatine in a heavy bottomed pan with water. Heat on slow flame to dissolve it. Keep aside.
2. In a seperate pan mix mango juice and sugar. Keep on fire for a few minutes to dissolve sugar. Remove from fire.
3. Add the gelatine solution to the lukewarm fruit juice. Cool.
4. Chill in the freezer, till thick but not set.
5. Beat cream and yellow colour in a bowl till fluffy.
6. Beat the thickened fruity. Add cream and yellow colour.
7. Freeze till partially set.
8. Beat once again . Freeze till firm.
9. Sprinkle very neatly cut mango pieces.
10. Keep in the fridge till serving time.
Serve chilled.


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