Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Madhubani painting - DIY

We have already given you all a brief explanation about madhubani folk painting, which has been practised by the women of Bihar. Now we thought it would be more interesting to share the method of doing madhubani painting with you all. The method explained here is done on hand made paper.

Materials required:

Hand made paper( white), size of your choice)

Madhubani pen and nib (optional)

Indian ink(green, blue,red,orange, black)

Brush(000- size)

Trace of madhubani painting

Yellow carbon


1. Trace the design of madhubani using a yellow carbon on the hand made paper

2. Draw the outline using the madhubani pen, here you should dip the pen in black Indian ink and remove excess ink and draw thin outline on the entire painting

3. If you are more comfortable , you can use 000 size brush too

4. Fill in the designs using the different colours of Indian inks. In madhubani, mostly green and red are used. You can use other colours too.

5. Allow it to dry and frame it.

6. Madhubani paintings can be done on fabric too, then use fabric paints instead of Indian ink.


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